Tuesday, May 6, 2008

7 Things John Can Only Half Remember From His Childhood

1. Toy ghosts that glowed in the dark and held protest signs
2. Sweet Sweet Rachel, a tv movie about warring psychics starring Stephanie Powers
3. The Mad Baker, a cartoon short in which the title character created a Frankenstein-like cake
4. Mr. Rossi cartoons, particularly Mr. Rossi Buys A Car
5. Why Man Creates by Saul Bass ("I'm a bug, I'm a germ. I'm a bug, I'm a germ. Huh! Louis Pasteur! I'm not a bug, I'm not a germ...")
6. Scary tv movie about an evil child, their caretaker and a pair of scissors. It freaked me out so much I made my babysitter turn it off
7. A murder mystery with Dick Clark that took place at a glam rock club

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the big woman said...

Wasn't #6 Harvest Moon with Bette Davis?