Friday, May 16, 2008

The 7 pieces of reading material lying nearest to Gretchen at this moment (in order of proximity)

1. Introduction to Buddhism by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
2. Philip's Family World Atlas. I pick this up almost daily. Either to use as a writing surface or to see where the hell Myanmar actually is anyway.
3. Allure magazine. There was a copy at the gym and I stole it. For make-up tips. I'm not kidding. I'm an actress, people, what are you gonna do?
4. Auditioning: An Actor Friendly Guide, by Joanna Merlin. Did I mention I'm an actress? The woman who wrote this is great - I just took a Michael Chekhov workshop with her.
5. The New Yorker. Because I live in Los Angeles. Where you really need the New Yorker.
6. The Week.
7. Private Lives by Noel Coward and A Coney Island of the Mind, poems by Lawrence Ferlinghetti (They are exactly equidistant, so they share 7th place)

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