Thursday, September 30, 2010

Seven sevens Lysa's started for the new seven but will never finish:

LYSA with a Y, Jersey City NJ
1. Seven reasons why I will eventually move to Germany
2. Seven things that you probably didn’t know about me
3. Seven new band names for my project
4. Seven reasons why I will eventually move to Sweden
5. Seven reasons why I don’t watch the news
6. Seven (more) reasons why I love Fall
7. Seven on the bucket list

Monday, September 27, 2010

7 things overheard said by the new crop of Hoboken Douchebags/bagettes. I PROMISE these are real.

1. Douchebagette on the phone in the A&P: "Well, I saw this thing on OPRAH the other day and now I'm DETERMINED to pay off my credit card bills."

2. Same douchebagette, same call, next sentence: "Why does all this peanut butter have to have NUTS in it? I'm trying to find some peanut butter and they all have NUTS in them!"

3. Douchebag out for dinner at Maxwell's with his girl and another douchebag couple ordering drinks: "Stoli Blueberry. Two. Chilled. And for the ladies?"

4. Pack of douchebags riding the PATH, discussing film: "LAST ACTION HERO? BEST movie. Schwarzenegger's best role. He literally should have won an Oscar for that."

5. Douchebag out for dinner with fellow douchebag discussing a weekend away with douchebagette and his ensuing conflict: "I'm not saying she was one hundred perCENT moron...but man, she has tits that just won't quit"

6. Older douchebag to young, future douchebag: "Syrup and sausage is a delicacy! Why do you think diners serve pancakes and sausage?"

And quite possibly my favorite of all time:
7. Douchebagette on the phone walking on the street: "...and you know, an old man IN HIS THIRTIES should be grateful that he can even GET someone in her 20's like me."

Friday, September 24, 2010

7 Reasons I Resurrected the 7

1. Because I’ve gone Blogger-crazy!
2. So I could have another outlet to post DEXTER spoilers.
3. Because 6 and a half won’t do!
4. Public outcry.
5. Because Troy refuses to go on Facebook.
6. To keep my counting skills honed.
7. To protect and serve.

7 Recent Pleasures

1. The Paris Review has posted all of their author interviews, 55 years worth, online for free. Hooray!

2. The Rest is Noise by Alex Ross
Ross’ overview of 20th Century classical music combines cultural history, music theory and composer biographies but still reads like a novel.

3. Rat Girl: A Memoir by Kristin Hersh
Normally I read only one book at a time. But The Rest Is Noise is too big to carry in my bag every day, so Hersh’s memoir has been my subway reading. It covers just one year of her life, a time when she was a college student and Throwing Muses was just starting out.

4. Fission by Film School
Still not sure how I feel about the poppiness – I preferred it when they built beautiful monuments of sound and noise – but I like it.

5. “Back Up Plan” by Big Boi
I know there are other tracks on this album, but this is the only one I seem to listen to, perhaps because part of it reminds me of Laurie Anderson’s “O Superman.”

6. Caribou at Webster Hall, September 22, 2010
The new album doesn’t really translate live but the old stuff is still incredible to experience with a room full of other people.

7. Trying to explain the appeal of going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show to my seventeen year old nephew
An exercise in futility, but it made me happy I was the right age to appreciate it.