Friday, February 11, 2011

7 Best Third Albums, Michael's take

7 bands whose third album was their best:
1. Radiohead — OK Computer
2. Brian Eno — Another Green World
3. The Replacements — Let It Be
4. The Ramones — Rocket to Russia
5. Sparks — Kimono My House
6. Cheap Trick — Heaven Tonight
7. Sonic Youth — EVOL


Pops Gustav said...

For me, LET IT BE is edged out by PLEASED TO MEET ME, but it's close. I agree with you on the Ramones (that almost made my list). Sonic Youth.... that's a tough one. As for your number one on the list... no comment.

the hanged man said...

Yeah, it's all subjective, but I'd take
1. Kid A over OK Computer
2. Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy over Another Green World
5. Indiscreet over Kimono My House