Sunday, January 2, 2011

Seven Books Jeff Was Supposed to Read and Did Read but Can No Longer Prove He Read

1. Proust's Remembrance of Things Past
2. Dostoyevsky's Notes from the Underground
3. Pynchon's V.
4. Hawthorne's House of the Seven Gables
5. Doctorow's The Book of Daniel
6. Ford's The Good Soldier
7. Nin's Children of the Albatross

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the hanged man said...

You read all six volumes of Remembrance of Things Past but can't recall any of it? Oh, the irony.

V is my least favorite of Pynchon's novels, but even so, I can instantly recall:
- the graphic description of a nose job
- hunting alligators in the NYC sewers
- the dancer who commits suicide onstage when she doesn't wear her protective gear and is impaled between the legs
- Benny's conversations with the mechanical dummy who will ultimately replace humanity
- the comb in the shape of a row of crucified men
- The bad priest being taken apart by the children in the bombed out basement. First they remove the artificial arm, then the glass eye, the hearing aid, the emerald sewn into the navel...
- the fact that the novel is structured in the shape of a V, with the scenes in the past and the present getting ever closer together

I can't help you with the other novels. Sorry.