Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bob's Seven Favorite Single-Panel Gag Cartoonists

Best not only for the jokes, but for their cartooning, staging of the gag and overall timelessness.

1) Charles Rodrigues
2) S. Gross
3) Gahan Wilson
4) Chas. Addams
5) B. Kliban
6) Joe Dator
7) Eldon Dedini

Bonus who doesn’t quite fit: Erich Sokol, if only because he was the most artistically virtuosic gag cartoonist ever. Best watercolorist of the 20th Century. Seriously. But he didn’t usually (maybe ever, actually) write his own gags. And they weren’t especially funny, often. But oh mama, they were gorgeous.

And no disrespect intended to Lee Lorenz, Phil Interlandi, George Booth, Leo Cullum, Tom Cheney, Charles Saxon and scores of other top-flight cartoonifiers. I loves ‘em all.

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