Thursday, October 28, 2010

7 Things I Remember That Place Me Firmly in Middle Age

(Though Not Nearly as Old as Karl, Thank God!)
1. Some paperbacks had a one page glossy ad inside. It was usually for cigarettes.
2. Sometimes when you heard the national anthem, it meant no more tv for the night. Our local PBS station eventually used the Beatles’ "Goodnight" instead. I’m sure they received complaints.
3. Folk Mass.
4. Most Time and Newsweek articles had lots of text with maybe a couple of black and white photos.
5. Soap was controversial because it was considered so racy.
6. You were supposed to let a phone ring ten times before hanging up if no one answered.
7. Major league sports teams weren’t basically interchangeable. Teams that had a working-class aura about them, like the Baltimore Colts, were actually made up of players who were working-class.


Pops Gustav said...

What the hell is Folk Mass?

Erin said...

I always thought 6. was just some arbitrary rule that Mom and Dad came up with--like "No singing in the kitchen."

the big woman said...

I worked with a gentleman who was one of the picture editors on Soap. He told me he was so offended by the show that he had his credit taken off.