Wednesday, April 16, 2008

7 Things Pops Has Re-Bought More Than Once

1) Superman: The Movie (VHS, DVD, Box Set DVD)
2) Superman: The Movie Original Soundtrack (LP, CD, Deluxe CD, Box Set CD)
3) The Clash, LONDON CALLING (LP, CD, Remastered CD, Deluxe CD)
4) Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (comics, trade paperback, Absolute Hardcover)
5) The Boomtown Rats, THE FINE ART OF SURFACING (LP, CD, Deluxe CD)
6) Glengarry Glen Ross (VHS, DVD, Deluxe DVD)
7) The Sex Pistols, NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS (Picture Disc, 8-Track, LP, CD)
…and many, many more… (sigh).

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Bob Fingerman said...

The curse of up-collecting. How many times has Anchor Bay (the cunts) gotten me to shell out gelt afresh for Dawn of the Dead, Evil Dead, etc.? But I've done it many times. And if I ever upgrade to Blu-Ray (or whatever comes next), I'll likely buy another version of Blade Runner.