Monday, March 24, 2008

7 Action Figures Rex Would Buy

REX LITWIN, Lancaster PA
Ok, I'll throw my hat into this ring...

1.steve zissou.
(with submarine to find the elusive jaguar shark).
2.max fischer from rushmore.
(with go kart).
3.kalli and rex.
(the dark, empty, record store playset).
4.any wally wood EC science title would make great action figures.
5.jerri blank, principal blackman, knoblet, jellineck.
(the flatpoint high playset).
(complete with shirtless, drunk guy)
7. yes indeed, the venture brothers!


Anonymous said...

Yes Rex, the Venture Brothers for sure, from the episode where they realize that they are clones........

You know the Jet Engine Intake playset...


Anonymous said...

Or Better yet "Regency 5" or"The Ooogies" or "Jack Lords Hair" action sets. I want them all for Christmas!